Storms Leave Wedding Venues Without Power!


With over 20 years of experience in the Wedding DJ business the storms that came through Ohio recently brought and ugly reality to light and something every bride should now ask a venue when booking for their wedding. We here at Absolute-DJs had four weddings scheduled for this past weekend and every venue we visited lost power at some point. This brought attention to the fact that none of these venues had any back up plan or generator for a situation like this which left me surprised and our business scrambling to help anyway we could. Always remember the venue is responsible for providing power to your DJ and other vendors if needed therefore it is their responsibility when something like this happens to correct the situation anyway possible whether renting a generator or I feel every venue should own a generator if they want to be in the venue rental business for weddings. One wedding we actually had to conduct with a battery powered boom box with our mics plugged in and Cd’s and Ipod for music to get through and provide all we could for a venue that power was never resumed for that night. Not a good situation but we did what we could to avoid a total disaster and added a free hour to the reception due to the fact we felt very bad for the bride and groom and there family. Two of the other weddings finally was able to get a generator but this can limit just how much equipment can actually be used which can leave you with less than what was planned. The last venue fortunately had power resume one hour prior to reception start time and avoided that disaster. We felt after this weekend that it was important to comment on this and ask every bride and groom to add this question to your list when interviewing a venue that you may hire for your wedding. More helpful tips to come in the future!

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