More About Checking Reviews

Always remember when looking for a Wedding DJ always check references. And when I say references I mean past clients the vendor has actually worked for that you can contact by phone or email. Just reading a review is not enough. Reviews can be altered. Especially when it comes to hiring a Wedding DJ or any other wedding vendor. We all know that when someone provides you with good service you do not mind giving them a good reference. The fact is a past client has nothing to lose or gain by providing you this information. The Wedding DJ or other wedding vendor has everything to gain. It is too late to make changes the day of your wedding when you find out this guy is not providing the service he promised you. Do you know that a vendor that is advertising with The Knot can actually send his mother, friend, etc a link to allow them to fill out a review for them. The problem is you can not verify if the reviews on The Knot have been fabricated or not. I am not saying that vendors are doing this but it is possible to do. We advertise on The Knot and can vouch for our reviews but I cannot prove this to you either. Therefore I direct clients to our past client survey page where you will find not just a few but hundreds for you to choose from and actually contact. Always remember make every effort to contact numerous past clients if possible. A smart Bride & Groom do their homework before hiring a Wedding DJ or any other wedding vendor.

2 responses to “More About Checking Reviews

  1. As a professional photographer, I have worked at many weddings, and as a result I have worked with many DJ’s at the wedding receptions. I have to say that of all of the DJ’s I have worked with, Absolute-Djs is by far the best. They are really great, friendly people, and they always make the event fun for everyone there.

    One thing that so many people don’t take into account when they Dj a wedding reception is the pacing of all of the things that are traditionally done at a wedding reception. This is very important so that things don’t feel rushed, but they do move along at a good pace. Absolute-Djs are pros at this.

    Another thing that most Djs DON’T do is keep the photographer informed of when they are preparing to do each thing (such at cutting the cake, etc.) This it extremely important, because if for example the Dj just announces that the bride & groom are going to cut the cake without telling the photographer first, it is quite possible that the guests will crowd around so they can see it and the photographer may not be able to get into a position where they can get a photo of it., and I can guarantee you that the bride & groom would not be happy about that. Absolute-Djs are the ONLY Djs that have ever told me what they were preparing to do before they announced it so that I would be ready to take the photo. I highly recommend them for any event.

    Roxanne Davis – Roxanne Davis Photography
    (formerly Reflections Photography)

    • Thanks Roxanne, trust me we appreciate working with a true professional that not only notices this but is on the same page with us. Hope to work with you again in the near future.

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