How Can I Find A Wedding DJ?

Let me ask you a few questions, are you looking for a wedding Dj in Dayton Ohio? Are you looking for a wedding DJ in Columbus Ohio? Are you looking for a wedding DJ in Springfield Ohio? Anyway you get the point. When looking for professionals in the wedding industry it is always best to look for bridal shows in your area. The true professionals are usually the only ones you will find at these events. This is your chance to interact directly with these professionals that will be happy to answer any and all of your questions regarding your wedding regardless of what your needs are. It is becoming more and more common for prospective clients to want to meet with Absolute-DJs prior to booking with our business and what better place then a bridal show to make that happen. This is always a great idea for a variety of reasons. It gives you the opportunity to meet with the DJ prior to the event. Always meet the DJ conducting the wedding not just the business owner and feel free to ask questions. You are interviewing these people to see how they respond to your questions and how they carry themselves. We like meeting with the clients prior to allow us to discuss all of the details and how we go about receiving  all of the information needed to create that trouble-free wedding day not only the B&G but the parents as well. This should be a day when no decisions need to be made. All of that should be taken care of prior to the wedding day. Absolute-DJs was ranked for the best of weddings by TheKnot for 2011 and we were just informed we received that same honor for 2012. We would like to say thank you to our past clients in helping us receive this prestigious honor. You will find numerous reviews on the TheKnot and the Wedding Wire from our past clients which you are welcome to view or you can check out our satisfaction surveys on our website where you can actually contact past clients and discuss their experience with using our service. Absolute-DJs will be attending 3 bridal shows in January in the Dayton, Springfield & Columbus OH areas. Mark these dates in your calendar and be sure to stop by and visit our booth. This information is being provided by Absolute-DJs Wedding DJ specialists serving Dayton, Columbus, Springfield and Cincinnati OH.

New Venue in Springfield OH

We had the pleasure of conducting the wedding reception for the new Mr & Mrs Ryan & Katie Mason this past saturday and had a great time along with the friends and family. Sometimes we find it hard to believe we are getting paid for this due to the fact we are having as much fun as the guests. This is truly the greatest job I have ever had. When Ryan & Katie hired us to be there Wedding DJ service we as always are truly honored to be a part of such a special day and want to do all we can to give the bride the wedding she always dreamed of. When hiring a Wedding Disc Jockey you should always do your homework and check past client reviews. Not only read the reviews but if possible contact the past clients and discuss their experience with the DJ service you are inquiring about. This is something our competition is not always willing to provide or simply does not have. A smart bride & groom will always do their homework to avoid any issues the day of. Anyway enough about all of that! It was our first time and I understand only the 3rd wedding conducted at the Hollenbeck Bayley Creative Arts & Conference Center in Springfield OH and all I can say is WOW! This is a brand new and beautiful venue right next to the Kuss Auditorium in downtown Springfield. This venue will do very well in Springfield and is something they have needed for sometime. It is just an all around beautiful place and the people were friendly to work with. I have the opportunity to return this Friday for the Kone Cranes annual holiday party that we will be conducting and look forward to going back. I guess I will stop rambling for now and will keep you up to speed on our future events and hope you find some of this information helpful. This information is being provided by Absolute-DJs wedding DJ services serving Springfield, Dayton, Columbus & Cincinnati Ohio.

7 Years And Counting

Back here once again at the Dayton Freight Lines Corporate Christmas Party in Dayton Ohio at the Crossroads Expo Center. We have had the opportunity to DJ for them the past 7 years and they have booked us already for 2012. Always a great party and a pleasure to entertain for. Thanks again Dayton Freight. Oh yeah we also get some more of that great food supplied by Classic Catering. If your looking for a catering service you will not be disappointed. Call Paul Kuntz at 937-277-4490. Provided by Absolute-DJs serving Springfield, Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus Ohio!

Word of advice to Bride & Grooms getting married in 2013.

We speak to prospective clients on the phone sometimes that may be looking for us to DJ their wedding in 2013. They always make the comment they are planning to early and just looking right now. Here is the advice I give. It is never to soon or to early to book a wedding DJ or any other vendor for you upcoming wedding. Understand that by booking early can actually save you money. We all know the only thing that happens in this world is prices go up. They never seem to go down. If you book a professional with a contract you are then locked in at the lower cost even if there prices go up. Make sure this is clearly stated in the contract so there are no surprises as your event nears. We actually already have some booked for 2013. This helpful tip is provided from the professionals here at Absolute-DJs.