“Non-Disparagement Clause” Read Your Wedding Contract Carefully Before Signing !!!

It has been awhile since we have posted on our blog due to our busy schedule but I wanted to comment on this as I feel it is very important when hiring a wedding professional or any other vendor or contractor that involves a written contract for that matter. Because of the consumer relying on others reviews when selecting a company or service to help them in making their decision to hire these companies based on the service others have received from them some businesses are now placing what is called a non-disparagement clause in their contract. Most folks do not understand what this technical term is and I assume most probably never investigate to find out. Let me define non-disparagement clause for you: the consumer agrees to take no action which is intended, or would reasonably be expected, to harm the company or its or their reputation or which would reasonably be expected to lead to unwanted or unfavorable publicity to the company. This includes posting a negative review about the services you received from that specific company online which is where most of us search for the reviews. These companies can threaten to sue or fine you if you do such action damaging their reputation whether it be through social media, online reviews, etc. I have spoken to legal professionals about this that mention that this can be difficult to make stick if a company should attempt to exercise this clause should an individual post a negative review but I am sure most do not want to invest the time or possibly the money to find out if that is the case. This should tell any consumer what type of company this is in my opinion. It basically gives them the right to run a poor business and provide you poor service and then not allow you to share your experience with other consumers in an attempt to avoid others from sharing in your negative experience which in my opinion also takes away your freedom of speech. I really do not know why anyone would ever sign a contract or hire a service following this practice because you have no idea what you are actually going to get and surely this is not a risk that you would want to take when hiring someone for such an important event as your wedding. We at Absolute-DJs do not share in this practice. In fact we encourage our couples that use our services for their wedding to share their experiences whenever possible through online reviews, social mediasatisfaction surveys and any other form they choose. That is the difference between a company that actually cares about the service they provide and do not just sacrifice quality for quantity. Please share this with your family and friends in whatever means necessary hopefully to help them avoid this growing problem and ruining their big day.


Owner: Doug Haney

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Storms Leave Wedding Venues Without Power!


With over 20 years of experience in the Wedding DJ business the storms that came through Ohio recently brought and ugly reality to light and something every bride should now ask a venue when booking for their wedding. We here at Absolute-DJs had four weddings scheduled for this past weekend and every venue we visited lost power at some point. This brought attention to the fact that none of these venues had any back up plan or generator for a situation like this which left me surprised and our business scrambling to help anyway we could. Always remember the venue is responsible for providing power to your DJ and other vendors if needed therefore it is their responsibility when something like this happens to correct the situation anyway possible whether renting a generator or I feel every venue should own a generator if they want to be in the venue rental business for weddings. One wedding we actually had to conduct with a battery powered boom box with our mics plugged in and Cd’s and Ipod for music to get through and provide all we could for a venue that power was never resumed for that night. Not a good situation but we did what we could to avoid a total disaster and added a free hour to the reception due to the fact we felt very bad for the bride and groom and there family. Two of the other weddings finally was able to get a generator but this can limit just how much equipment can actually be used which can leave you with less than what was planned. The last venue fortunately had power resume one hour prior to reception start time and avoided that disaster. We felt after this weekend that it was important to comment on this and ask every bride and groom to add this question to your list when interviewing a venue that you may hire for your wedding. More helpful tips to come in the future!

Absolute-DJs Wedding DJ Specialist’s is WeddingWire Rated 2012

Absolute-DJs Wedding DJ Specialist’s is WeddingWire Rated 2012

OH – June 25, 2012 – WeddingWire is excited to announce that Absolute-DJs Wedding DJ Specialist’s is WeddingWire Rated in 2012 for DJ. WeddingWire Rated is the annual ratings program that recognizes wedding professionals across the country for their commitment to service and is the most recognized and trusted brand among engaged couples, as they start their search for local wedding businesses. The ratings program is based on hundreds of thousands of recent newlywed reviews of over 200,000 wedding professionals in the US and Canada, across 20 different service categories.

Absolute-DJs Wedding DJ Specialist’s has 20 reviews on WeddingWire. Reviews by our newlywed clients include detailed ratings and insightful descriptions about their experiences working with our business and staff. Our reviews provide transparency for potential clients, assisting them in making informed decisions for their big day.

“We are very pleased to announce WeddingWire Rated 2012, recognizing Absolute-DJs Wedding DJ Specialist’s for their commitment to exemplary service in DJ,” said Timothy Chi, CEO, WeddingWire, Inc. “Absolute-DJs Wedding DJ Specialist’s has shown dedication to their craft and service, helping engaged couples understand what to expect from their business through reviews on the nation’s leading wedding review site.”

As the largest site for wedding reviews, WeddingWire empowers engaged couples with the most comprehensive and trusted review system available in the wedding industry. WeddingWire Rated provides Absolute-DJs Wedding DJ Specialist’s with the distinction of being WeddingWire Rated and a simple platform to capture client feedback from their wedding planning experience. Engaged couples can easily access all of the reviews for Absolute-DJs Wedding DJ Specialist’s on WeddingWire.com. We have all of our newlywed clients to thank for our WeddingWire Rated 2012 recognition.

For more information, please visit Absolute-DJs Wedding DJ Specialist’s on WeddingWire at http://www.weddingwire.com/vendor/VendorViewStoreFront%3fvid%3dad85498ae34bfc73. For more information on WeddingWire Rated 2012, please visit http://www.WeddingWire.com.

About WeddingWire, Inc.

WeddingWire, the nation’s leading marketplace serving the $70 billion wedding industry, is the only online wedding planning resource designed to empower both engaged couples and wedding professionals. For engaged couples, WeddingWire offers the ability to search, compare and book over 200,000 local wedding vendors, from wedding venues to wedding photographers. WeddingWire also offers an online community and a suite of cutting-edge planning tools for weddings, including wedding websites and wedding checklists, all at no charge. For wedding professionals, WeddingWire is the only all-in-one marketing platform for businesses online and on-the-go. WeddingWire offers one simple solution to build a professional network, improve search visibility, manage social media and reach mobile consumers. Businesses that advertise with WeddingWire appear on WeddingWire.com, ProjectWedding.com and other leading sites, including MarthaStewartWeddings.com, Brides.com and Weddingbee.com.

4 Hour Wedding DJ Package Secret!

Hello Doug Haney owner of Absolute-DJs here and I wanted to share a little secret with you that our competition does not want you to know concerning the 4 hour Wedding DJ package. I have always felt that in business you get farther in this world by being honest with prospective clients rather than trying to sneak something thru later only to put a few extra dollars in our pocket. The reason I am posting this is based on a question I received on a phone call the other day from someone interested in booking our services. She had spoken to multiple DJ companies and noticed that most of them all had the 4 hour Wedding DJ package as the dominant package to choose from. So she asked me “Why is it that most of these companies are offering the 4 hour package?”. With that being said let me explain, I have been in the Wedding DJ business serving Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati & Springfield Ohio for 19 years and conducted 1000’s of wedding receptions and experience has shown that an average wedding reception is 5 hours but we have done them as long as 9 1/2 hours which is the longest we have ever done. The idea here is to pull you in with the cheaper 4 hour Wedding DJ package and then tack a 5th hour on later that night and that is only if they are giving you that option. Most do but not everyone does trust me. The reason I am bringing this to everyone’s attention is that when you are hiring a Wedding DJ you need to assume that you will be adding a 5th hour and compare prices with other DJ services based on this price. This will give you a better idea of  what you might actually end up paying. We at Absolute-DJs always offer our clients additional time as needed on the spot the night of the wedding. Our goal is to keep your friends and family there as long as possible assuming it ok with the venue and you of course. That is what we get paid to do. We offer a 4 hour wedding package also but it is rare that you will only have a 4 hour reception. Here are some realistic times to give you and idea of what I mean. A wedding reception will usually flow something like this: Cocktail time, Grand Entrance, Dinner, Toast, Cake Cutting, Bouquet & Garter Toss, First Dance, Father Daughter Dance, Mother Son, and optional dances such as Bridal Party, Dollar, & Anniversary. You can also view this on our Wedding Planning Form. It is going to take you roughly 2 to 2 1/2 hours to get thru these formalities. With a 4 hour Wedding DJ package you can clearly see this does not leave much time for dancing. Therefore here comes the additional hour you will need if not more. I hope this helps give a clear understanding and keeps you from becoming a victim of the 4 hour Wedding DJ Package Secret! If you would like to view more information and hundreds of pictures then visit Absolute-DJs Facebook page and be sure to click on the Like button. Until next time!

More About Checking Reviews

Always remember when looking for a Wedding DJ always check references. And when I say references I mean past clients the vendor has actually worked for that you can contact by phone or email. Just reading a review is not enough. Reviews can be altered. Especially when it comes to hiring a Wedding DJ or any other wedding vendor. We all know that when someone provides you with good service you do not mind giving them a good reference. The fact is a past client has nothing to lose or gain by providing you this information. The Wedding DJ or other wedding vendor has everything to gain. It is too late to make changes the day of your wedding when you find out this guy is not providing the service he promised you. Do you know that a vendor that is advertising with The Knot can actually send his mother, friend, etc a link to allow them to fill out a review for them. The problem is you can not verify if the reviews on The Knot have been fabricated or not. I am not saying that vendors are doing this but it is possible to do. We advertise on The Knot and can vouch for our reviews but I cannot prove this to you either. Therefore I direct clients to our past client survey page where you will find not just a few but hundreds for you to choose from and actually contact. Always remember make every effort to contact numerous past clients if possible. A smart Bride & Groom do their homework before hiring a Wedding DJ or any other wedding vendor.

Reviewing A Wedding DJ Video versus Checking Past Client Referrals

We had a great time this past weekend meeting with all of the prospective Bride & Grooms not only getting married this year but 2013 also. Since this time I have had some interesting comments or questions from prospective clients that I would like to share with you that I hope you will find helpful when searching for your wedding DJ. I would have to say the funniest question that was asked by numerous people was are you a fun DJ service. And I have to laugh about that due to the fact that I can assure you that any DJ vendor at that bridal show or any bridal show for that matter is going to answer that question as YES! I can guarantee that none of them are going to say “No we are not”. They are there to book shows and are going to tell you what you want to hear whether honest or not. Just the other day I had a lady call me and ask if I had a wedding video for her to review also. We actually do have some of these as well as videos to give a visual understanding of what our uplighting or premier dance lighting consist of but, keep in mind the wedding video the DJ is displaying to you is going to be edited to sell. If there are any bad details trust me you will not find them in that video. If you did you probably would decide against booking with that DJ service for sure and therefore they are not going to allow you to see that part of their business. This is why I am a huge supporter of checking with numerous past clients that paticular DJ service has conducted a wedding ceremony as well as reception for. These past clients have nothing to lose and nothing to gain by being honest with you but the DJ service you are looking to hire has everything to gain. When problems arise concerning your DJ service the day of your wedding it is to late at that time. You cannot simply contact another wedding DJ to come in a fix the problem and this is a moment in time that you can never get back therefore you want it to be perfect. I love a bride or groom that contacts me and is more concerned about what we can provide and how we conduct our business when it comes to a wedding reception. Price should not be your only concern because contrary to some folks opinions a DJ can make or break your wedding. It is ok to compare prices but also take into account everything else that DJ service is providing for you then you can make an educated decision in hiring a DJ. Well I have rambled on enough for now so I will stop but check back periodically for more helpful tools or tips when searching for a wedding DJ!


Owner: Doug Haney